Use of personal data and reservations

Use of personal data
Visitors to PensionDanmark's website leave electronic tracks ("cookies") that enable PensionDanmark to follow the visitor's activities on,, and the underlying sub-domains. PensionDanmark cannot determine the visitor's identity unless such specific personal information is provided by the individual visitor, c.f. more details below.

When visiting the website, the following information is automatically collected:

  • The visitor's IP address (used for statistical purposes)
  • The visitor's operating system and browser configuration (used to optimise the user's future website experience)
  • The visitor's cookies (used exclusively for statistical and dialogue-based purposes with a view to improving the website and the user experience)
  • Date and time of the website visit (used for statistical purposes)
  • The visitor's screen setup
  • The visitor's JAVA version

If the visitor to PensionDanmark's website wishes to use the website options for visiting pages protected by log-ins (personal pension information), or ask the expert panel or PensionDanmark employees questions, the following additional information is registered:

  • Name, e-mail address and other contact information provided
  • Text addressed to PensionDanmark
  • User name and log-in
  • Profile data when using the DUS system

The stated information is collected based on the visitor's wish to provide the information, and the information will be used exclusively for the purposes for which they were collected. The information is deleted after being used for the purpose.

Sensitive corporate or personal data such as passwords are not saved in log files.

If the information stated raises questions, you are welcome to write to PensionDanmark at e-mail

Any complaints about PensionDanmark's collection, storage or use of information may be sent to the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5th floor, 1300 Copenhagen C.

PensionDanmark has attempted to make the content of as correct, true and fair as possible.

Information, calculations, assessments and estimates on this website do not replace the reader's own judgement concerning any transactions e.g. in relation to pension scheme options. PensionDanmark accepts no liability for any direct or indirect loss resulting from transactions based on information shown on is protected by copyright law, and the website or parts of it may not be reproduced without permission.

Information provided by third-parties
The externally pointing links that are accessible on this website are for user reference only. PensionDanmark is not responsible for material produced or in any other way made available by third parties, irrespective of whether access to this material is provided by a link from this website. On their own websites, such third-parties must provide information about themselves required by law, and PensionDanmark is not liable for any insufficient or non-existent information.

Processing of confidential information
PensionDanmark processes all personal and corporate information carefully and has clear rules for how we may use corporate or personal information and for what purposes.

Read our guidelines on processing confidential information