Typical questions

What happens to the rest of my pension savings if I retire, but die before it is all paid out?

This will depend on the type of pension involved.

For example, an annuity pension can be disbursed over a period of 10 to 20 years. If you die before that period has ended, the remainder of the money will be disbursed to your next of kin as a lump sum. Your lifetime pension typically has a pension guarantee. This means that if you die within the first 10 years after disbursement has started, your next of kin will receive the remainder of the funds you would have had during those 10 years. The funds will be disbursed in one lump sum.

40 per cent must be paid in tax in both cases.  

Can I change who will receive my pension savings if I die?

You can choose for yourself who will receive the money. You can also choose to distribute the funds between several persons.

Here you can view and change who should have the funds

Can I change the amount my next of kin will receive?

The pension scheme has a fixed minimum amount that will be disbursed to your next of kin if you die before reaching retirement age. In most cases, you can change the minimum amount to suit the needs of your next of kin. If you have children, you may wish to increase the amount. If you are single, you may wish to reduce the amount.

Who will receive the funds in the event of my death?

If you die before retirement age, your next of kin will receive your entire savings, though at least a minimum sum of usually DKK 500,000. The funds will be disbursed to your next of kin unless you have selected an alternative. Your next of kin are in the order listed:

  • Spouse or registered partner
  • Cohabitant if you have lived together for at least two years or have children together
  • Children
  • Beneficiary under a will
  • Beneficiaries under the intestacy rules